COPY: Achieve, Balance & Commit: A Self-Paced Coaching Program

COPY: Achieve, Balance & Commit: A Self-Paced Coaching Program

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Before diving in to the content, take a look at the information here to be sure you make the most of this program.

Module 2: Creating a Strong Foundation

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At this point, you should have completed:

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Assessment and Goal Setting

If you have, then you are in the right place! This section is designed to allow you to pick the topic that will help you the most first. As I mentioned in the previous module, sometimes it's hard to get started. If the topic scares or intimidates you, then maybe start at a place that can give you a quick win!

When we start to see progress, that's when the flow begins, and just want to tackle it all. 

The next two modules are designed as additional layers. You might need that content before completing some of the content in this module, and that is ok.

As an example, maybe you struggle with time management, and you need that exercise ASAP, that's totally fine. Hop over to Module 3 and dive into time management.

Module 3: Time Management & Organization

Hi ,

Anytime I poll my clients, the #1 challenge they mention to me is not having enough time, or not being able to manage their time properly. Use this section to identify areas that are taking up more than they should, how to become more organized and manage your time properly. 

All exercises are located in the coaching portal. You should have received an email with your log in credentials.

Module 4: Eliminate Obstacles

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This module includes additional coaching exercises that can be used at anytime during this program. The exercises selected for this particular module are typically used when a client is stuck or not able to progress with their goals.

This can be because they need to move past a painful situation, or because they are getting in their own way. Feel free to complete any or all.

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