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Achieve, Balance & Commit: A Self-Paced Coaching Program

Have you considered hiring a coach before, but it wasn't in the budget? Or, maybe you just don't want to meet with a coach each week, because it's difficult to find time in your already hectic schedule! This is why I turned my private coaching program into a self-paced, budget friendly program. In this program, I include coaching exercises related to: faith, health, finances, relationships, mindset, time management, organization and your career. You start with a life assessment and then dive into the topics that you need the most. You can take your time on each topic and revisit as often as you like! You pay one fee and get access to ALL content for ONE YEAR!

From Desire to Achievement Workshop

Have you felt the desire to make a change in your life, but lacked the motivation to make it happen? Or, maybe you tried to make the change, but you weren't able to see it through or get the results you desired? If that's you, then know you are in good company! This free workshop is designed to help you tackle the most common goals people set for themselves, but have a challenging time being successful in achieving them. We will also work through the common reasons why failure is so high, and how you can become a success story! 

Private Coaching Package

I'm certified as a life and relationship coach. My HR background and additional certification in HR helps to me to focus on a wide range of areas for my clients. I also offer a free consultation to ensure my coaching services are a fit for your needs. After the call, we can determine the package that makes the most sense. 

Please note: I have limited availability for private coaching clients.

God's Way to a Balanced Life

This devotional is designed to help you grow your relationship with God, your family, and gain clarity on your calling and purpose in life. This can be done as a group study as well. For groups of five or more, please email me and I can provide a special link for 20% off your purchase. 

Balanced Business and Life Bundle

Here's what you get in the bundle:

  • Access for one full year to all 22 recorded sessions
  • Access to all slide presentations that were included
  • Access to membership site where all contents are stored

Frustration Free Communication with Your Spouse

Are you looking for a little help with your marriage? Would you like to reconnect with your spouse in a meaningful way? This course is full of helpful communication tips to help you improve your marriage and create a relationship that is stronger than ever.

Free Resource Library

Sign up for FREE access to my resource library! Resources are great for both moms and small business owners! I have included some free downloads and free trainings and will continue to add more resources over time. Topics included now: self-care, weight loss, mindset, spirituality, improving your health, tips for working mothers and several resources for growing a business at home.

Life Goals Strategy Package

This mini coaching package designed to help you uncover the areas that are keeping you from balance and fulfillment in your life and career. You'll start with completing an exercise to discover your current life satisfaction in 14 different areas of your life. Next, you'll take those results and breakdown your goals. Finally, we'll create an action plan to help you achieve those goals. In addition to the exercises above, you will receive (2) Private Coaching Sessions to assist you with this process. Plus, recordings from both sessions and my feedback on your final action plan.

5 Days to a Balanced Life

A free challenge for Moms to balance their family, career and self-care! 

5 days to a Balanced Life is perfect for you if you are ready to create a plan to take care of yourself, while also continuing a thriving career and loving on your family.

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